Debra at a community education program on Fall Prevention and Emergency Management with colleagues from the Aspetuck Health District in CT.
  1. Home Modifications and Accessibility Consulting
    A thorough accessibility evaluation of the home is completed targeting the area(s) of most concern to the client. Based upon current and anticipated future needs of the client, the existing structure and condition of the home, and the budget we will help prioritize the projects that will provide “the most bang for the buck”. Using principles of Universal Design to address safety, comfort, and aesthetics as well as function,  we tackle the challenges that each home presents.  Home Safety Inspections.
  2. Home Safety Inspections
    As the name implies, the focus of this assessment is safety. This can include accessibility, fire/smoke and carbon monoxide monitoring, lighting and security, as well as emergency preparedness.
  3. Fall Prevention Programming and Education
    Individualized fall prevention programs are developed based on evidence-based practices. This includes an assessment of risk factors for falls, addressing any that can be modified, and developing a simple and effective series of exercises to be done once per day. The condition of the home is also addressed to ensure the home environment is safe. 
  4. Physical Therapy & Wellness Services
    Individualized, skilled physical therapy is provided after a detailed evaluation of the presenting problem (a physician’s order may be indicated or required). Wellness programs are developed after assessment to keep one active and healthy rather than to aide recovery from an illness or injury. The findings of the evaluation or assessment are discussed and a plan of care is designed to specifically address the goals that the client and therapist develop together.
  5. Community Education
    Debra is available to speak to community groups, clubs, senior centers, schools, etc. on a variety of topics. To date, she has presented talks on Aging In Place, Fall Prevention, Osteoporosis, safe lifting and ergonomics, and on Physical Therapy as a career. Please feel free to inquire regarding topics of interest to see if we can provide a good fit!

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